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Many of these smaller pieces are the result of strong and lasting relationships with performers. Almost all of them were written for specific people. Their dedication to new music is essential to the art form, and I treasure all of these friends greatly.


The Day Before Today (2016) for euphonium & piano

In Stitches (2018) for solo tuba

Lament and Passacaglia (1994) for bass trombone & piano

Riverside Rondo (1991) for trombone & piano (Warwick Music, order here)

Sassypants (2013) for tuba quartet

Shanghai Taxi (2019) for trumpet & piano

Three Haiku (1996) for solo tuba

Three Miniatures  (2015) for trombone & piano

Traffic Dance (2015) for trumpet ensemble    Video

Triplum (2013) for trumpet ensemble    Listen

Turtle Mountain Suite (2019) for horn & trombone

Waltztumble (2019) for brass quintet    Listen



Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) (2013) for violin & viola

Descenso (2015) for violin & viola

Granadescos (2018) suite for solo cello

1. Preludio      Listen

2. Elegia     Listen

3. Danzon     Listen

The Last Days of Maria Stuart (2021) for viola and piano

Middle Eight (2013) for solo viola

Oreet's New Cello (1993) suite for solo cello

Partita (1998) suite for solo violin

1. Prelude

2. Auto-waltz

3. Elegy

4. Fiddle    Listen

Playlist (2015) for cello & piano

Tango Frio (2012) for piano trio    Listen

Teshuvah (2006) for viola & organ [recorded by the Rodland Duo on American Weavings (Crystal Records, CD839); order here]

Variations on a Simple Theme (2018) for solo violin    Video

Cueva de las ManosPeccate Duo
00:00 / 07:38


New Look, Same Great Taste!! (2007) for saxophone quartet

Orange Who? (1996) for alto saxophone & piano (Dorn Publications, order here)

Shadows Blue and Red (2020) for bass clarinet, piano, & looping station

A String of Hymns (1996) for solo flute

Orange Who?Bob Schrepel, sax; Mark Kurtz, piano
00:00 / 05:02


Back to Bolivia (2001) for percussion duet

Circuit Dance (2012) for percussion trio

Soom (2011) for percussion trio

Sonata for solo marimba (2017)

1. Excitedly

2. Lento

3. Leventikos

To and For (2002) for solo snare drum

Mixed Ensemble

Beat That Clock (2008) for clarinet, piano, & two percussion

Dream Swamp (1997) for clarinet & two percussion

Geschwisterweise (2013) for horn, trombone, bass clarinet, & euphonium

Penny Lane Variations (1992) for cello, marimba, & piano (or alto sax, marimba & piano)

PRND32 (2005) for 14 players

Instrumentation: 1/picc. 1 1, tenor sax, 1, 2 2 1 1, timp+2 

Duration: 8:00

The Soldier's Angel (2002) for 7 players

Instrumentation: cl, bsn, tpt, tbn., vln, cb., perc. (same as Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale)

Duration: 7:00

Treble Bob Marley (2007) for soprano sax (doubling bass clarinet), piano, & two percussion

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