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Solo Piano

While I am not a pianist, I enjoy writing for the instrument. Like many composers, I rely on expert performer-friends to help with idiomatic writing. I would like to thank Mark Mazullo and Keith Teepen specifically for their help.

Andante Misterioso (1999)

Chords for Mom (2009)

Four Homages (2015)       Video

1. Bartok

2. Sibelius

3. Copland

4. Gershwin

Fugue and Chorale (1997)

Nocturne in Winter (2021)

Sophie Goes Up in a Balloon (4-hands) (2006)      Video

Three Band Names (2001)

1. Urban Raft

2. Foot-Long Hand      Listen

3. The Brambles

Fugue & ChoraleMark Mazullo
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