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Opera & Musical Theater

One of my great loves is writing for the stage. To be honest, it's a primary reason why I wanted to be a composer when I was younger. I consider myself very lucky to have had one full opera fully staged, and that my chief librettist is my wife. I hope to do more of these projects in the future. 

The Ascension of Radegunde

Chamber Opera in one act

Libretto by Merie Kirby


Duration: 75 mins.

Roles: Radegunde: mezzo-soprano

Thorvald: baritone

Thorfinn: tenor

Sibhid: soprano

Father Cairbre: bass-baritone


Instrumentation: Fl/picc, Cl, Bsn, Hn, perc, pno/synth, 2 vlns, vla, vc, cb 

The Ladysmith Story

Chamber Opera in two acts


Libretto by Merie Kirby

Commissioned by the Fourtissimo! Coalition and the Flambeau Valley Arts Council.

Premiered in July 2010: Ladysmith, WI & Minneapolis, MN


Duration: 120 mins.

Roles: Lucy: mezzo-soprano

Tom: tenor

Will: baritone

Isabel Smith: soprano

Mr. Manning: bass-baritone

Mr. Peters: baritone

Mrs. Manning: coloratura soprano

Mrs. Peters: soprano

Chorus, including children's chorus

Instrumentation: vln, vc. fl/picc, cl./bcl, pno, perc.


Blue Concourse

A mini-musical in one scene
Libretto by Kira Obolensky
Premiered in 2001 in St. Paul, MN


Duration: 10:00

Roles: tenor, mezzo-soprano, soprano (Voice of the Airport)

Instrumentation: piano


A scene for soprano and trombone


Libretto by Merie Kirby

Commissioned by Robin Allebach

Premiered in 2014 at Valley City State University, Valley City, ND

Synopsis: an estranged couple of musicians winds up in the same practice room with a broken divider. They eventually work out their differences through a common love of music.

Duration: 10:00

Roles: Soprano, trombonist (does not sing!)

Instrumentation: Trombone

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